Azienda Agricola Caricato, head office in San Pietro in Lama, operates in the Salentina peninsula, a few kilometers away of Lecce, in the southern part of Puglia. In that place Caricatos grow centuries-old olive groves and mill olives, harvested by hand directly from the trees, in their own traditional millstone and press mill.

Since 1815 Caricatos have been engaged in the art of getting olive oil, dating back from the founder Luigi Guido who, together with his sons and nephews devoted time and energy to succeed in producing excellent, healthy and genuine oil.

Company’s range of business does not stop to extra virgin olive oil, but it spreads from viticulture to production of dry legumes and cereals.

Azienda Agricola Caricato also has a publishing activity, by issuing a booklet “L’Aria dei Messapi”, in which it is possible to read unpublished tests by present-day narrators and poets, but also details on oil and unusual traditional recipes, where extra virgin oil is the absolute and undisputed protagonist.

Lastly, from October till January, punctually at each oil campaign, Caricatos organize a road show called “L’Anima dell’Olio” (The Oil Soul), whose purpose is that of getting families, and children particularly, closer to production places so that they can conceive the mill as a gathering place, a square, a Greek agora and a sort of rural socialization place.

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