The extra virgin olive oil “Di Affioramento” – simply called ‘affiorato’ (emerged) or ‘olio spontaneo’ (spontaneous oil), ‘fiore’ (flowers), ‘lacrima’ (tear) – is that coming from olive grinding with grindstones, then gathering of what comes to surface spontaneously without squeezing by presses. Olives, expressions of Ogliarola of Lecce and Leccino cultures, are harvested during the first decade of October directly from the three by hand stripping, coming from threes grown at the “chiesura” (olive three property) Accaina, at Monteroni of Lecce, on a medium mixture ground. A few hours after harvesting, those olives reach company’s mill and after being squashed by stone wheels are turned into a paste, where pulp and kernel become a whole. Once the grinding is over, the paste is conveyed into a proper tank (gramolatrice) where it is mixed many times to favor coalescence of small oil drops got out of pulp cells just squashed. Producing “affiorato” is a very difficult operation. You can usually get one liter, sometimes two out of 200 kilograms of olives. It is a real excellent oil, because it contains all natural properties of the olives, in pure condition, as they are, as if it were a fruit juice. After a proper natural decanting, it is ready to be consumed. ‘Affiorato’ is advisable for an empty stomach. The new harvest of “Di affioramento” extra virgin oil, produced by Azienda Agricola Caricato, is available in numbered amphorae.

Delicated to the Latin philosopher Lucrezio, this is available in 250 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml bottles. It is set in dark glass square bottles, supplied with a screw cap and a pourer. It expresses a delicate herbaceous flavor, of medium intensity and rare fragrance, obtained by cold grinding of olives coming from Cellina di Nardò, Ogliarola of Lecce and Cornulara, the olives coming from the property “Pagliara”, on particulary dedicated grounds, at the San Pietro in Lama countryside. Its color is a pale green with golden highlight, while the taste is that of a fresh olive just crushed, with clear vegetable fragrance. Ideal use, in gastronomy, is raw on salads, but also over pasta and cooked vegetables and even on cheeses.



It is an oil signed “Pier Domenico Caricato”, available in bordelaise dark glass bottles, 750 ml each, supplied with a screw cap and a pourer. It is an extra virgin oil of rare fragrance, obtained from olives of Nociara, Cellina of Nardò and Ogliarola of Lecce, harvested directly from the three, by combing on nets, and cold milled at the company’s mill. The olives coming from the properties “Torricella”, “Pigno” and “Due Pere” in the Lequile countryside and from the estates “Accaina” e “Cacari”, in the Monteroni countryside allow to get a kind of oil of a medium intensity flavor, persisting and harmonious, with well balanced touches of bitter and hot tastes. Excellent over legumes and vegetables soups, it suits well on a variety of uses.



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